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  • To Develop and propagate scientific knowledge about osteoporosis and other metabolic bone disorders among health professionals and the general population.
  • Work with the health authorities to decrease the impact of osteoporosis and other metabolic bone disorders among the Lebanese population.
  • Collaborate with the OMS and other scientific international societies to share and diffuse knowledge of prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and other metabolic bone disorders.

Means of Achieving the Objectives

OSTEOS will work in collaboration with local, regional, and international public, governmental and non-governmental health authorities to conduct epidemiological studies, scientific clinical research, and training workshops and symposia .


  • The society will be composed of a general assembly, an executive committee and sub committees
  • The general assembly consists of all properly registered members who have paid their last year’s annual dues.
  • Any physician who is a member of the Lebanese Order of Physicians (LOP) can apply for a membership.
  • The annual subscription will be decided by the executive committee and approved by the general assembly.
  • The executive committee will be elected by the general assembly. The elections will be conducted pursuant to the regulations of the LOP.
  • The Subcommittees of the executive committees will be appointed by the executive committee.


The executive committee must submit to the general assembly within three months of the elections a proposed program of activities and projects.

The executive committee must submit an annual report of its activities to the general assembly in conformity with the stipulated regulations of the LOP.

The executive committee must invite the general assembly for an annual meeting to approve the annual budget of the society and to discuss the activities of the society.

The subcommittees must meet every three months to follow-up on their respective activities.


Enhance state-of-the-art knowledge and expert care for osteoporosis and other metabolic bone disorders in Lebanon through education, research and service. This will be achieved through a multidisciplinary approach between concerned Lebanese Scientific Societies, the Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization and the corresponding International Osteoporosis Societies.


Prospective members must submit in writing an application for membership to the secretary of the admissions subcommittee of the executive committee.

Physicians who are members of the LOP may submit an application

To be elected to the executive committee, members must have passed an examination of CME within the last two years prior to the election. The CME examination will be established by the scientific committee of the society in collaboration with three Chairperson of departments in Medical Universities (with at least one endocrinology and one rheumatology departments) and two members of the international Osteoporosis foundation.

Program Faculty organized and gave a 2 day course The ISCD IOF Osteoporosis Essentials Nov 25-26.This is the 5 th  such course over the last few years that aims to advance knowledge and quality of osteoporosis care by concerned providers, and was attended by over 60 physicians and technicians.   After a first common morning session the group split into parallel sessions for physicians and technicians. At the end of the course attendees have the opportunity to take an online test and receive a Certificate of Attestation or Register for a proctored exam at a testing facility in Beirut and become an ISCD CCD ie a   "Certified Clinical Densitometrist" or an ISCD CDT ie a  "Certified Densitometry Technologist". The certification, a marker of quality services by concerned densitometry providers  is valid for 5 years and can be renewed a testing centers. View Photos

Osteoporosis Essentials course trains physicians and technicians in Lebanon

IOF-ISCD Course: Osteoporosis Essentials

Nov 25-26, 2015 - Gefinor Rotana - Beirut

7th annual meeting of the OSTEOS

Nov 27-28, 2015 - Le Bristol Hotel - Beirut


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